Un-plated is dedicated to uncovering and sharing the unique stories of people in food. From celebrity chefs to dishwashers, restaurateurs to farmers, Un-plated goes beyond what’s on the plate and focuses on the people responsible for getting it to the plate.

For the first time ever, culinarians and food enthusiasts will be able to experience the restaurant industry from an insider’s perspective both online and in person. Feature interviews, video content, panels, private dinners, and more are just a few courses that Un-plated brings to the table.

Created by Sabrina Medora, national food writer…

2016 My boyfriend (now husband) and I were having a spectacular spat while waiting for a spot at acclaimed Au Cheval in Chicago. We finally got to our seats and ordered food, barely speaking to each other. When the fries smothered in duck heart gravy came out, we both greedily reached for a bite. And with that first bite, our entire argument dissolved. That night, I went home and wrote a simple short story about it and posted it to Instagram. The account I created was called “Food Fiction Project”. By the end of the year, it had amassed over 1,000 followers.

2017 I quit my job in advertising—with no money saved—to become a full-time food writer. I began writing a column for ChicagoNow called “Behind Chicago Food”. I also began offering digital marketing services to restaurants (because, let’s face it, food writing doesn’t pay many bills…). Soon, I was published nationally in publications like Bon Appetit and Plate Magazine. I was also working with some of the top chefs around the country—including actual Top Chefs!

Although my time in the restaurant industry has been short, the stories I’ve seen and heard could fill thousands of pages. And yet, I never see them written. Today’s food media scene taps into food trends, celebrity chefs, and the best places to eat. But I believe that there are deeper connections to be made between the people who work in the restaurant industry and the people who live for restaurant experiences. It is my hope that Un-plated bridges that gap by telling unfettered stories of the warriors, the dreamers, the artists, and the hustlers in and around kitchens.

Happy reading and happy eating.